Friday, December 8, 2023

Ever realize a space in your home doesn’t match where you are headed in life? Years ago, I found I desired more and more to be creative. My home office just wasn’t conducive to this. I wanted a space where I focused on letting my creativity out through painting, journaling, and other forms along with my work as a REALTOR®. My office didn’t feel liberating enough to put my mind in a creative state. So, I changed my home office into a more suitable space to fit my goals. I filled it with paint supplies, rainbow gel pens, bright colourful lego, and journal supplies. Now, when I go in, my mind and ideas flow with ease, simply by using my home to help me reach my goals. 

This is something we all may be able to relate to since we all have a living space we call home. Perhaps this has already been on your mind. Or maybe you are reading this and are thinking, “Huh. You’re right. Some parts of my space are working more against me than for me!” Together, let’s explore everyday, practical examples of changes you can make in your home. 

1. Sleeping Well: The Mattress Makeover Connection to Your Health Goals

Let’s start where we spend a significant portion of our lives – the bedroom. If you get your eight hours in a night, a third of your life is spent in bed! Ken sometimes jokes that if he had a dollar for every sleepless night he gets from a poor mattress, he’d have enough money to buy a good mattress! Jokes aside, the quality of our sleep profoundly influences our physical and mental well-being. Investing in a good-quality mattress isn’t just about comfort; it’s a strategic move towards achieving your health goals.

2. Staircase Strategies: Turning Every Step into a Fitness Opportunity

Next up is the humble staircase. Ken and I have learned through our fitness instructor, Cheryl, that stairs are not just to connect our floors! She quickly taught us they could be our fitness ally! Whether we choose to see it as a daily inconvenience – or a workout – depends on our perspective. Embrace your stairs, and they become a built-in exercise routine. If you adopt this perspective switch, you’ll use your home as a step to a healthier you!

3. No Electronics Zone: Protect Your Mental Clarity

Now, let’s venture into the realm of mental wellness. Your bedroom should be a haven free from the buzz of electronics. Screens off, lights dimmed – create an environment that fosters relaxation and mental clarity. Our bedrooms should be a retreat for our minds, allowing us to unwind and recharge. If you are married, even more so! Ken and I used to have a TV in our bedroom until we learned how much it hinders emotional and physical intimacy. We have an absolute rule now that no electronics come into our bedroom unless it is romantic music or an alarm clock. 

4. Mirror Memory: Using Reflections to Reinforce Your Vision

Mirrors aren’t just for checking your appearance. Turn them into powerful tools for reinforcing your goals. One of my favourite methods to remind myself of what I wanted to focus on that day was by writing powerful words in lipstick on my bathroom mirror. It was a visually engaging way to keep my aspirations at the forefront of my mind while I got ready in the mornings. Since I pop into the bathroom many times a day, I had many opportunities to focus on these cues. And it was so easy to change words when needed. Ken wasn’t such a fan, and he supported me with this during that season as he saw how powerful it was for me. 

5. Post-It Power: Keeping Goals Fresh and Visible Throughout Your Home

Post-it notes might seem mundane, but their power lies in their simplicity. This is the method I currently use to remind myself of my goals. I buy the extra large ones – the 12×12’s. They stick better and allow me to write more and in larger print. Write down your goals and strategically place these notes around your home. The key is to move them periodically; otherwise, you start glazing over when you see them or do not notice them anymore. Keep your goals in sight, and you’ll be amazed at the impact over time.

6. Vision Board Mastery: Crafting a Visual Blueprint for Your Goals

Now, let’s explore the concept of vision boards. While traditional methods involve cutting out pictures, I found power in words. Whether it’s pictures or words, a vision board serves as a visual representation of your goals. Place it where you’ll see it daily, and let it fuel your actions. I’ve had immense success with vision boards in the past, and I create one each year. 

7. Check Your Lighting: Design Your Ambiance

Create an ambiance that complements your goals. Soft lighting is your friend if you’re aiming for a space conducive to prayer or meditation. If you get up at 5 am to work out, you want bright lights in your home gym. Not soft ones that are going to put you to sleep! Tailor your home environment to support your desired activities, ensuring every corner aligns with your vision.

Consider your home as a partner in your journey to living a LIFE exponential. Take a critical look around – what changes can you make? Remember, every adjustment, no matter how small, moves you forward. Even a rudder shifting a few inches creates a drastically different trajectory for an ocean liner over the long run. 

So, as you navigate through your home today, see it not just as a physical space but as a canvas where your goals and aspirations come to life. Keep envisioning, keep adjusting, and most importantly, keep thriving.