Episode 142: Wise Investing in Turbulent Times

Have you ever heard the stock market expression, “Buy low, sell high”? This phrase always reminds me that financially, the rich frequently go against the tide of popular opinion. Where others see defeat, they see opportunity.

In this episode of LIFE’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll ponder what amazing real estate possibilities exist in a challenging market and how to find them. On Friday, October 20, at 9:30 AM on chri.ca or 99.1 FM, join Ken and Yetta to open your eyes to what only the wealthy see and confidently grow your net worth in an unpredictable market.

Should I Wait For Better Rates?

Is it unwise to invest in real estate when you’re in an unstable market? I encounter many people who have decided that any investing right now is too risky. Leveraging is too hard, or it’s too difficult to make a wise decision. I’d love to encourage you that even though we are in a bumpy market, the fundamentals of investing remain the same. You can always find great investments regardless of whether you are in a booming, tough, slow, or stalled market. In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track with Ken and Yetta, we’ll consider the key differences between unhealthy financial stress and a healthy financial stretch! Watch this video as we evaluate three solid opportunities to grow your wealth in ways that can stretch you, rather than stress you.

Real Estate Gems in Difficult Markets 

What do you think of when you think of the Great Depression in the 1930s? If you’re like most people, you’ll envision poverty and people searching endlessly for jobs. That is all true. And, what most people don’t realize is the other side of the story. More people became millionaires during the 30s than they did at any other time in history. Why? Because sometimes the most opportunities are out there during turbulent economic hardship. In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track with Ken and Yetta, we’ll explore several fascinating ways to take advantage of what’s going on in the market. Watch this video as we contemplate practical investments you can choose that will move you forward towards a success story in what would otherwise be a very difficult time.

Wealthy Strategies in Unstable Markets

Imagine standing on a beach as a storm overhead tosses dark blue waves around in the ocean. Everyone else is huddled on the grass at the edge, packing up their belongings to head back to their cars. Is now a terrible time to stick your big toe into the water? Maybe this scenario is a stretch – and just bear with me. When a real estate market is unstable, as it has been for the past two years, most people hold tight in their homes and stay out of the water, so to speak. Is this always the best plan? Financially, I’d argue, not necessarily. In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track, join Ken and Yetta as we determine several of the many opportunities that exist in this current market. Watch now to learn practical strategies that can have you “surfing” when everyone else is huddled inside.