Friday, December 22, 2023

Whether thriving or just barely surviving, everyone has goals. Some are clearer than others; many are written, and others are unwritten. And yet, we tend to be reluctant to share them. In the past, I’ve trusted the wrong person with my dreams and felt crushed by the result. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. 

It wasn’t until later in life that I learned I need to share only with specific, select few who understand and will support me. When we confide in the right people, there are so many benefits to sharing our vision for the future. There are also so many ways to set the stage to be helped by these confidantes.  

  1. Be Selective

I can’t emphasize enough how critical it is to share with the right person. If you’re about to make your first real estate investment and share your plans with someone who lost in a bad investment, this person will likely discourage you. If you go to someone who has successfully invested in the past, now you have found a mentor! This person may help you set realistic milestones, advise you on securing funding, and suggest ways to navigate challenges. 

  1. Embrace Questions

It’s easy to become defensive when someone challenges our thinking. I remember that questions and constructive criticism are gateways to profound conversations. When we welcome questions, we create space for new perspectives. It’s here where ideas collide, evolve, and refine. When we drop a defensive posture, we can reignite our curiosity and unexplored aspects of our plans. This exploration helps us build a solid foundation and reinforces what we want. Critique is not a foe but a friend on your growth journey. Approach challenging advice with grace and an eagerness to learn. When your confidante knows you will give real thought to their guidance, you build an environment to support you.

  1. Utilize Networking Resources

I have hired coaches over the decades to mentor me through my more challenging goals. I still pay for coaches, and I have to say, I listen to them much better now! Sometimes, the coaches would say: “Oh, you should connect with this person. I’ve called them, and they’re willing to talk with you. They’re much further along the path.” 

For some reason, my pride, my fear of feeling insignificant, got the better of me, and I didn’t reach out. I never followed up, and this happened about six times. I know I could have been much further along my journey had I picked up the phone, and I am so grateful I take these opportunities now as they arrive. Networks are vast reservoirs of untapped potential. When we allow our circle to widen with the right connections, we can find bridges for unexpected opportunities and collaborations. 

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