Episode 140: What’s Next For Ottawa’s Real Estate Market?

If you could ask a REALTOR® any question, I suspect you’d ask what will happen with interest rates and how it will impact the market. That’s the question on everyone’s mind right now. Why? Because to many, the real estate market feels like it is spinning out of control.

While none of us know the answer, there are things we can know and control.

In this episode of LIFE’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we outline what you can count on and aspects you can leverage to your advantage – even in the current market.

Join Ken and Yetta to learn about opportunities you can seize, strategies you can employ, and actions you can take to significantly influence your financial success moving forward. 

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF OTTAWA’S MARKET | Wouldn’t you love to have a crystal ball to see what is next for real estate in Canada and even Ottawa specifically? I sure would! The number of times we on the Dekker Team are asked for our predictions, is numerous times daily!! It would be desirable to give a straight answer, and because we are dealing with unprecedented times it would be delusional to give you a guaranteed answer.

In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track with Ken and Yetta, we’ll consider what we know for sure IS happening, the foundation of Ottawa’s market, and how that impacts our city’s residents’ different age and socio-economic brackets. Watch this video as we evaluate how the fundamentals give us clarity of what’s really going on so we can make the wisest decisions moving forward.

WHAT CAN WE COUNT ON IN OTTAWA’S MARKET? | It seems like the million-dollar question in real estate right now is, “Are interest rates going to continue rising, or will they drop?” It would be really great to know the answer, and the truth is no one knows. In this case, we can’t know some things in advance, such as interest rate prices. But – we can ascertain what will happen to housing prices if they go up and if they go down.

In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track with Ken and Yetta, we’ll explore key strategies you can use, whether as a buyer or seller, depending on how the interest rates go. Watch this video as we contemplate how, with clarity, you can plan for the future and make adjustments as you go.

I CAN’T AFFORD A HOME IN THIS MARKET! | Something I am seeing repeatedly now is that people are nervous about making a decision in this current market. People reflect on the instability, and they begin to feel out of control. People often say, “I can’t afford to buy a house,” or “I can’t possibly afford what I want with these rates.” Having helped over 3,117 families own and sell homes, I’m certain you can be encouraged that while there are some things you can’t control, you’ll be amazed at the power you DO have in owning a home. In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track, join Ken and Yetta as we discover what aspects of becoming a homeowner in this market you CAN take advantage of. Watch now as we determine how your actionable choices can make all the difference between a lifetime of owning or renting.