Episode 136: Are You Aging or “Saging”?

James felt lost now that he was retired and in his 70s. He thought he had no reason to wake up early and began sleeping in until 11 each day. As the months went on, it became more and more difficult to feel motivated to do anything. His friend Nick urged James to spend a few hours a week at a non-profit crisis hotline center for teens. James would be trained on what to say at a two-day workshop. Nick insisted James would feel better if he got out of the house and focused more on others.

If you were James, would you follow this advice?

In this episode of LIFE’s Inside Track, we’ll consider how focusing on improving our bodies and minds can turn our aging years into “saging” years. Join Ken and Yetta to learn what choices you can make to make the most of your health and your home.

How Do You Choose to Age? | Rose noticed she was slowing down. After she hit 64, she noticed her short-term memory was not like it used to be. Her grandmother, mother, and uncle all had early dementia. She decided that rather than worrying about it, she’d work on increasing her memory. Her kids told her about Duolingo, an app that makes learning another language fun. Rose and Earl had planned a trip to Paris for their 45th anniversary, and she thought it would be fun to order food in French on their trip. She hovered her finger over the one-year in-app purchase button.

Was this silly? Was it ridiculous to start learning a new language at her age when she would likely never use it for much?

In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track with the Dekker Team, we’ll consider how important it is to continue learning and improving our minds and bodies as we age. Watch this video to see how our choices help us “sage” as the years accumulate.

How Well Will You Age? | Don sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror. He looked nothing like he did in his 30s. The snacks had long impacted his waistline. He figured he could easily lose 40 lbs just from his belly alone. His wife was urging him to lose the weight because she noticed his breathing getting heavier and the stairs were making his knees sore. She assumed that they would have to move to a bungalow in the next few years unless Don made some changes. This made her upset because she loved living next door to the grandkids.

Don figured he’d never look like he did in his 30s; losing weight now was so much harder. How could he be motivated to make major changes for something he didn’t feel he could even achieve? Can you relate to Don?

In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track with Ken and Yetta, we’ll explore what decisions you can make to optimize your health and living environment. Watch this video as we contemplate transforming our “aging” years into “saging” years of wisdom, vitality, and joy.

Too Old for Your Dreams? | Margaret, a single woman in her late 60s, dreamed of owning a quaint cottage by a serene lakeside. She had only ever lived in a condo and felt embarrassed because she thought her friends would not understand her dream. She assumed they would say she was too old to take on such a significant commitment. When she opened up to her longtime friend, Susan, she was surprised her friend encouraged her, pointing out that age need not limit one’s dreams. With Susan’s support, Margaret consulted a financial advisor and explored her options.

In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track with Ken and Yetta, we delve into pursuing your lifelong dreams, regardless of age. Tune in as we discover the choices that can help you make the most of your golden years, including daring to make your dream property a reality.