Episode 142: Wise Investing in Turbulent Times

Have you ever read a book that rocked your world? Recently, Ken and I fell into a slump that lasted a few months. We were still effective in our day-to-day, yet we felt kinda “blah,” as though the luster had rubbed off our lives. When a mentor friend of ours, award-winning business leader Dianna Kokoszka, invited us to join a book club based on her newest publication, Becoming More, we were so inspired by what we read that we shook off our “blahs” with a renewed sense of excitement for life.

In this episode of LIFE’s Inside Track, we share proven strategies we learned from Dianna to help you break free from your doldrums and reconnect with what matters most to you. Join the Dekker Team to help you reignite your inner fire and reclaim the vibrant, purpose-driven life you deserve.

Feeling “Blah” about Life? 

Have you ever gone through a period, maybe a couple of weeks or months, where you woke up and just felt kinda, “Ugh,” about the day? I struggled with this for the past few months. It was like the pilot light in my body was on, but the actual flame was burning low. I was still accomplishing things daily, yet it felt like there wasn’t much else to be excited about.

In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track with Ken and Yetta, we’ll consider why we no longer thrive when our vision wanes. Watch this video as we learn proven principles from Dianna Kokoszka’s book, Becoming More, on how to regain our enthusiasm and joy. 

Reigniting Your Passion for Life

Can you recall setting a goal that lit a fire in your soul? One of the most potent ways to shake off the “blahs” and reignite your inner spark is by setting a goal that taps into your creativity and reminds you of your “why” or purpose.

In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track with Ken and Yetta, we’ll explore what it takes to reignite your passion, rekindle your sense of purpose, and create a life that truly resonates with your core values. Watch this video as we contemplate on Dianna Kokoszka’s book, Becoming More, and the transformative impact of setting and pursuing meaningful goals.

 Making SMART-ER Goals

If you could choose one goal that made you the most happy to accomplish, what would it be? When we think of setting goals, many of us are familiar with basic principles, like setting realistic and achievable ones. Our objectives should also be measurable so we know whether we’ve met our goals. What if I told you you could make smart goals like this, even SMART-ER?

In this segment of LIFE’s Inside Track, join Ken and Yetta as we discover principles from Dianna Kokoszka’s new book, Becoming More, that enlist the power of our subconscious to bring about our goals. Watch now to determine how you can set intentions on your own, with a partner, or a group to remove the “blahs” from your mindset and bring you closer to the life you most desire.