What should I use to get rid of odours?

We’ve discussed it in a previous post but it’s an important point. You might not even realize it, but your house a distinct scent. I’ve been to a number of houses in and around Ottawa and the owners often don’t realize their home has a certain odour. If you’ve got some sort pet, you’re going to want someone without a pet to come and make sure that your home doesn’t have a stench to it. As I’ve said before in earlier posts, the buyer’s first impression is the most important, and that’s often when they make their decision to purchase a home or not. ┬áIf they walk into a home and smell dog, mold/mildew, cat, fish, or any other strong smell, that will affect their first impression.

Now if you’re thinking, my home smells I need to cover it up, I need to purchase some air freshener. Stop thinking. A buyer can almost always tell when you’re masking a smell and they get suspicious. And more often than not, the odour mixed with a strong air freshener is usually even worse.

Here are some tips that will get your home smelling a little nicer:

– Use vanilla candles (or other subtle scents)
– Open your windows and air out the house before showings. (weather depending)
– If you’ve got large dogs, get them out of the house while your home is on the market. (ask a friend or a parent nicely)
– If it’s smelling like mold/mildew, buy a humidifier but get it out of sight before showings. (buyers are scared of the use of humidifiers)
– If you’ve got carpets, the odour is probably embedded into it so shampoo your carpets religiously.
– Get rid of rugs and mats. Odours love to linger on them.
– Fresh coat of paint will also give the home a new smell.
– Natural scents like flowers and greenery. (actual flowers and plants, not floral smelling air freshener)

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