Preparing your Home For the Ottawa Market – Tip#1 Odours

If you’re thinking about selling your home and you’re not exactly sure where to start, here’s a few tips.

Most home buyers know whether or not they will buy a home within the first 15 seconds of being in it.

In those 15 seconds there are a couple of things that potential buyers will experience right off the bat and one of those things is the smell of your home

Do you have a pet? did you just cook fish? do you smoke? do you have mold or mildew? Some of these odours you might not even notice yourself, but they could easily turn off a potential buyer and negatively affect the cost of your home.

We had some buyers take a look at a home in Greely, Ontario (just South of Ottawa) and once they walked in they immediately crossed the home off their list because they thought it smelt like cat pee. And guess what? That home was forever nicknamed “cat pee.”

So before you have any open houses or any showings, get a friend, or a realtor to come check out your home and see if they can smell something you can’t and do what you can to mask it. A good smelling home can go a long way for you!

Some tips from home stager Kathryn Wilson:

– Change letter boxes for cats daily
– Change bedding for caged pets frequently
– Groom and bath pets regularly
– Better yet, send Fido or Spot to their local animal spa or relative for a short while
– Wash pet bedding and toys

Carpets and Furnishings

– Wash bedding linens and towels frequently (I am amazed how many people don’t do this anyway)
– Clean, clean, clean
– Bathrooms need to be pristine
– Kitchens spotless
– Keep the laundry up (nothing worse than smelling someone elses dirty laundry)
– Use Eco friendly cleaning products with little or no scent
– Think about where you are storing stinky, wet boots and running shoes! A container away from the main living area might be the answer or wear them when leaving!
– Watch out for mildew and mold formation as a result of too much moisture
– Change filters on your furnace as recommended by the manufacturer

For a little more advice, check out this snippet of the Inside Track on Real Estate where Ken and Yetta talk about Odours and what it can do to your home.